Corporate Psychotherapy Services

Mental health problems affect 1 in 6 British workers each year and mental health difficulties are the leading cause of absence from work. We recognise that for each of our corporate clients, looking after their employees wellbeing is a vital part of their business success and as such we provide a wide range of services to corporate clients, including; 

Individual therapy for employees

This may be due to stress, depression, anxiety as a result of issues at work, or resulting from non-work related issues which impact on the staff member’s wellbeing, work role, performance, attendance, etc. 

Workplace Trauma and Critical Incident Support

Where an unexpected, untoward or traumatic incident occurs at a workplace such as an industrial accident, personal injury, death of a colleague, etc., we can provide support for your organisation and employees. This may include individual support for employees, group support sessions and longer term support. 

Mental Health Awareness Training

For all areas of your business, i.e., managers, Human Resources, employees. Raising awareness of mental health difficulties, recognising signs and symptoms and identifying ways to reduce the likelihood of issues developing, as well as considering how to confidently address and manage difficulties which are present.  

Organisational Mental Health Awareness & Risk Assessment

A more in-depth and fundamental consideration of all aspects of your business, considering the environment, nature of the work, it’s culture and strategy with the impact this has on staff wellbeing. Identifying approaches for change and a programme and monitoring of their implementation. 

For more information and to discuss the individual requirements for your business do contact us.