Private Practice - Steps to Success

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Consultation & Mentoring 

Deciding to work independently either part-time or full-time, can seem like a daunting prospect especially when you start to consider all the necessary things you will need to do, to get things off the ground, scratch your itch and make it a success.  

However, it can undoubtedly be one of the most rewarding aspects of a career, giving a true sense of self-worth, confidence and professional development a long way beyond that which can be achieved from working for someone else. If the prospect of getting started on your own feels a little too big, we offer a consultation and mentoring service to help set you on your way. 

We have put together a list of some of the areas you should potentially consider from our own experience and that shared by others. We are also keen to help you surf those first steps as easily as possible, as well as navigate the potential pitfalls and hurdles by providing guidance on what extra to focus on which could add real value in your particular field of specialism.  

Whether it is the immediate thoughts carried over from your current day to day professional experience, such as - how I am going to get referrals and where am I going to see my clients?  To probably the far less familiar topics and questions, such as - do I need an accountant and what can they help with? Do I need a website and which social media platforms should I use?  We think we can help with the, “if only we had known this before we had started, it would have been so much easier situation”.

There are many areas a one-off consultation or a mentor relationship with us can consider including;

  • Setting up a company .v. sole trader
  • Venue - bricks and mortar .v. online, if it’s the bricks and mortar option, what do I need to consider? 
  • Setting your fee and getting it paid
  • Finding your niche
  • Advertising - do I need a website? Do I need social media and if so which platform is the one for me? 
  • The formal necessities - data protection, supervision, indemnity insurance, etc.

Whether you are in the very early stages of scoping out a private practice or you’ve been doing it for sometime but feel jaded and are looking for a re-boot, then do get in touch. 


Clinical Supervision 

Clinical Supervision

How I See Supervision

I strongly believe the best supervisory relationships are the ones where you can be yourself, without fear of judgement, where you can learn and develop, and one in which you can laugh and at times, cry in equal measure. 

Supervision should be thought provoking, challenging and reassuring, but most of all it should be a safe place to consider your therapeutic work. It should be safe enough to consider how your own experiences influence your client work and how your client work impacts you. 

Supervision should provide constructive feedback to allow your practise to develop and grow, enabling you to move on from feelings of ‘stuckness’. Supervision can be a form of self care for the therapist, as the nature of therapeutic work means there is little other opportunity to discuss your work due to its confidential nature. 

My Experience

I completed the STAR (Supervision Training and Recognition) course at the University of Leicester in 2010. Since then I have experience of a range of supervision provision including qualified and trainee mental health professionals, alongside various peer supervision groups. I undertake clinical supervision for my own private practise and maintain up to date with regular CPD training. 

My Offer 

Clinical supervision is available to mental health professionals, both qualified and those in training and is provided in sessions of a minimum of 30 minutes. I do not offer ad hoc or one-off supervision unless you are an existing supervisee. 

Supervision is available face to face in Newark-on-Trent, as well as via telephone and video call using a number of platforms including; Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Skype. In addition, supervision is available during evenings. 

Do get in touch to discuss your requirements and see if we might be a good fit for your supervision needs.